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IT Saudi Market Analyses

Saudi Arabia is a country with an area of 2.4 million km2 and a population of around 23.4 million (2005); GDP per capita is estimated to reach13600 US$/capita (Communications and Information Technology Commission, Saudi Arabia, 2005).In the last few years, there were significant progress Information and Communications Technology Staring form 2000- 2004 there was remarkable growth in all fileds.

  • Saudi Arabia; most notably mobile subscribers with cumulative annual
  • growth rate (CAGR) of 58.6% (more than twice the world CAGR of 23.4%), with subscribers approaching 12 million.
  • October 2005 (over 50% penetrations). Internet users grew by over 430% in four years.
  • Personal computers (PC) penetration has also grown 40% annually
  • Global E-Government Readiness Report has moved up Saudi Arabia ranking from 105 in 2003 to 90 in 2004,a jump by 15 places in just one year.

Moreover, the Saudi government is moving toward improving the tourism scoters and export intentional investment. This blog will analyses the Saudi market in term of technologies covering both my personal perspective , fact and Statistics  form the real word in  order to guan better understanding about how we can apply e-business or social medial projects  in the kingdom of Saudi Arabic.

Investment in Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabic is the largest market in   Arabian Gulf region and one of beigest market in the world. Currently the Saudi government offers many opportunities in a wide variety of business sectors in order to reduce the dependence on oil, and the need to provide jobs, housing, and services to citizens in a time of rapid population growth. In 2000 the foreign investment law have been change allowing 100% ownership of project.  Also the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving towered focusing in development of a tourism sector, education and training of Saudi workers.

Funding :As you can see above Saudi government aiming to have modern Saudi Arabic so everyone can be a part of the development. In few years, Saudi Arabic will have a lot of project such as king Abdul economic city. This kind of project will provide a great deal of job opportunities. Moreover, the numbers of truisms will increase for different purpose. As a result, having social network with high quality is essential.

Business opportunities on the Internet :Saudi Arabia is the world’s fastest growing Internet markets. The number of Internet users jumped from 200,000 users in 2000 to 4,800,000 users in 2006, which means that approximately 20% of the UK population using the Internet, but it is likely that number was increasing steadily year after year. Internet service was officially made available in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1997. Internet is becoming an integral part of Saudi social and Economic.

Funding : After several searches about services website I found that there is No fully directory website in Saudi Arabic. Moreover I found that a lot of people are using forms to exchange information. Another important fact that there is No official website that help truisms to shear experiences with local peoples

Organization Computer and Internet: All businesses in Kingdom are yet to be computerized. About 25% of the organizations contacted do not use computer in their office. These were mainly from food sector. The perceived ‘ no application of computers in the regular course of business’ is the major barrier among non users. Computer and internet usages are directly relate to the size of the business organizations, while the large organizations in the Kingdom have the required infrastructure. Websites are relatively less popular as only 4 out of 10 organizations with internet connection have their own website.

Funding: As you can see a lot of business do not have web pages and we will be one of the first websites how offer this services .For example the biggest series of pharmacies called Alnhady do not have website.

Saudi Business Tips: Inter Science state that” The Saudi culture is influenced by two dimensions: Islam and the Bedouin tradition. Foreign executives doing business in Saudi Arabia must be prepared to conduct thorough preliminary research, visit the kingdom regularly, show genuine concern for Saudi development goals and culture, be patient in business negotiations, and adapt carefully to the Saudi environment.”

Finally , any e- business project will be supported with National ICT Plan It long term plan that aim to transform Saudi Arabic to information society which shows that Saudi government  has clear guidelines and strategies to develop the IT field.


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Social Tools Helped Conference Management

Nowadays, Social media become critical component of organization event. However, many conferences event fail in integrating social media. As the power social media is significantly increasing in tram encouraging participants share information, raising awareness, and enhancing the experience.  This post will provide advices on how to use 2.0 tools in managing the 34th International Geological Congress -34th IGC:

Connect Attendees 

It is an essential to have storing connection with other attendees before, during and after the event in order to Increase conference productivity and outcomes. This connection are need where it for business or making friends because it benefit in building aware community which at the end will Increase knowledge sharing.

Broaden Participation

Considering type of the event, target audiences and link it to appropriate social media will help in achieving the company’s goals. So, (IGC) is recommended to use number of social media tools in variety of media format in order to enhance fundability of the event and cover all Participation needs. Moreover, you can Increase Participants by post and linking the social media Pages with your conference by doing this you will drive traffic to you website hence number of participants will Increase.

Share Information

This can occurs by encouraging people to share what they think about event. This will provide real word experience for future participants and you will get great feedback in how can you improve your serives. So, it important for (IGC) to provide real time tools such Facebook to update participants frequently which will raising awareness among participants

Work Together

Take advantage of using number of social media tools by linking them together and addressing the event aims. This combination facilitates and encourages attendee participation. Hoverer, it not only about technology people also are required to work together in order to deliver the conference mission.

In short, Understanding your audience need and conference objectives are essential factors in creating social media platform or in engaging participants. However, nowadays social media become also other important element in managing conference and by using the above ftactic   your conference can become a global experience.


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Social Network Strategies- Communication and Customer Relationship

In my previous two posts, I was taking about Micro- blogging and Wiki Strategies and who that can be used by International Geological Congress. Today will continue to take about strategists but from different dimensionsIGC Social Network Srategy

Social networks are large social structures made up of large amounts individuals with multiple cultural context and interests.  An example of that is Facebook as it considers the largest Social networks environment with 800 million users.  As result, many of organization started to consider social networks as a solution. Practically, International Geological Congress (IGC ) considers different challenge that they may face while doing 34th International Geological Congress (34th IGC). This challenge can be different challenge such as a verity of participant backgrounds’ and ages. So, minting high quality communication is required in order to improve customer satisfaction. In the post, I will demonstrate Social Network strategy in terms of –Communication and CstomerRelationship- as the following:

Create a Reason and Objective For Using Social Networks.

It is important to establish your social networking goals and understand the reason behind it. This will help you to draw map for success. Also, it is essential to link the social media goals with your overall company goals. When you are doing this you need to be SMART! (Keep it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timely).

KeepThe CommunityInformed

Real time is one powerful advantages of using 2.0 tools. Using the kind of tools in (IGC ) will give them the ability of informing delegates and attendee immediately. This will help in building awareness among participants which by increases knowledge sharing will led to improve the customer service.

Understand Your Audiences and Get Them Involved.

Understand information you audiences want and where the expected to found the information will help you to understand target audience. For example, if you targeting people less than 35 years as (IGC ) you are required to uses social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, getting people involved will help you to provide real word experience and will give hint about thing that you need to improve

Make the Tools Working Together

Built social media network, by using deferent tools will help you to maximize number of percipients. However, you have to think to deliver the main idea in way the suite the social network approach. This Combination will give the user several ways to communicate with you witch increase the possibility joining your network

In short, business needs a strategy but the strategies are different for business to other. However, social media required collaborative work in order to reach success.Furthermoer; I view social media strategy as tactics so ICG need to thoughtful plan in order to improve Communication hens there company Performance.

Communication and Customer Relationship is two sides for one Coin


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Wiki strategy -Enhance Creativity and Innovation

My previous posts, explains that there are some factors contribute in choosing your strategy. Hence, also it explains the impotent of chosen the right strategy for the right project and how that can determine the success or the failure of an Enterprise 2.0.  On the other hand, this post will continue take about strategy but from different dimensions. Practically, the blog will focus on strategy for wiki implementation project – Enhance creativity and innovation

 In any organization there are opportunities for creativity and enhance. However, there are number of  factor that influences the opportunities of creativity. This factors may be the strategy itself or the Individuals. This strategy is used to integrate International Geological Congress ( IGC ) into wiki in order to provide for the user online  solution  and content in way that enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing.  Moreover, through wiki(IGC) will be able to Increase IUGS membership and   Increase visibility of the geological science. Not only that but also using wikis to knowledge management can significantly increase chances of project success which builds a lasting value in each member of a team.  To ensure that, there are some techniques need to be considered: Demand for solutions of specific problems: There are two strategies of gathering employee’s ideas. First, way is to encouraging them to send all their suggestions it best can explained as collect ideas. While second strategy is encourage employees to create ideas. It started with describing the problem, then exchanging ideas in order to inspire each other.

Proper rewarding: Setting rewards is very powerful creativity mythology. While applying the technique it is essential to know what really motivates the employees to work. This will increases the Knowledge management across the organization which will improve their Performance.

 Information and knowledge flow and Time: This is point can be consider as techniqueor benefit in the same time because exchanging information increasers the possibility of inspiring each other. This tool will help to exchanging ideas. As a result of that, time for doing the project will reduce which increase theIndividual Capabilities and improve his skills.

In spite of the above technique it suggested to set clear rules and responsibilities , do not start with emptily wiki , provide user guide and  understand the audient by doing this (IGC) will develop storing standards  which will support the originations strategic plan and increase the number of participants. In short, through wikis (IGC) will be able to meet there general objectives and cover all the creativity process as mouthed to enhance collaboration and increases knowledge sharing.  Finally, we can say that wiki facilities information flow, reduce time spend in project and provide Proper rewarding will create creative environment.

“Strategies and creativity is the key for to outstanding success”


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Inventive opportunity

More creative company

In my previous post I explained how the uses of strategic social media tools will improve organization performance which will increase their Return on Investment (ROI). However, let move to fact that blogs are used to delver massages for people with same interests .moreover, it was founded that a lot of organization used social media to grow traffic and reduce their reliance on Search engine such as googol. So, without having suitable strategy for driving traffic there will be a little opportunity to engage with your audience. While implement those strategies it important to consider that methods are changing by time, aims and the size of the organization. Indeed, after deep analyses of the International Geological Congress position and reviews success stories of other companies we come with fact that using web 2.0 tool will help (IGC) to increase their ROI. In this post I will discuss a few tips in how can we uses how to set up a successful driving traffic strategy to driving traffic to your website.


1-       Create useful content

Make sure that your blog Contains relevant, useful, and portable information. So, your client will be able to get the information in easy way .on other hand, it would be helpful if you blog reflect some real experience in order to make interesting and unique Finally, it is important to try to spread you content putting it where audience expected to founded it.

2-      Post you work in social media website

Think of pleases that you client might go looking for information. Bolger’s are recommended to provide unique content or an introductory for each social media website. For example, the description in LinkedIn need to be different from facebook website because you targeting different kind of people this technique  will drive traffic and also provide you with useful external links.

3-      Measure your work

Use tools like Google Analytics and ad word to increase the possibility of finding your site which can be also a helpful mouthed of sending traffic to different web addresses. So, you audience will be visit different links and get the information from different scourers which increases your influence the on the internet word

4-      Monitor and develop your work

The best way is to start small, than keep monitoring and improving the work as it is time consuming activity. This consider as long term technique in traffic driven since it required upfront effort but owns it’s devolved it will be very effective mouthed


 With so much time being spent on Social Networking Sites using the above four strategies will benefit any organization form different denominations such as Marketing, Managing Reputations, Innovation and Recruitment. So, I would recommend the (IGC) to consider the quality of the blogs showing some expririty and authority of the topic. Also the blog need to address in attractive way and updated frequently.

In short, the choose of these strategies and tools are change by the time since the web2.0 is growing fact. So, it essential for business to consider resent innovation and used them. However, if the four above-mentioned strategies are applied when using the web 2.0 tools, they will drive traffic to you site.


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How to Calculate ROI for Enterprise 2.0 projects?

Enterprise 2.0 tools have been used wildly in global business but the ingoing question was what values can Enterprise 2.0 tools add to business. However, the answer will be different for organisation to other but in general we can say that business through using  wikis , blogs and  social networks organisation gets number of benefits such as  extra customers and brand loyalty which will led grows revenue  it also saved money by making employees more efficient.

A good example for that is TransUnion Company they save around 2.5 million in five month while spending about $50,000 on a social networking and this saving comes from buying less stuff. As result of that companies reconnaissance the increasing in implementing Enterprise 2.0 tools required sold returns on investment measurement mouthed

Return on investment (ROI), is used to determine how much cash the company earn form a project. To do so, it essential to know what is your target and chooses the appropriate formula. Companies required to finger out how much the Enterprise 2.0 project will cost and how much it will save. For example, if the implantation of Enterprise 2.0 project will cost $20000 and it was estimated during the tow year the company will save 1200000$. This can be calculated by using the fallowing formal:

 (Gains from investment – Costs of investments) / Costs of investments * 100

However, there are large number of formals that can be used depend in what you want to measure and the nature of the project. Each of theses formals required different type of information. Moreover, Idealizes Model of ROI can be useful guide that demonstrate the relationship between value and cost explaining factor that my play impotent role while calculate ROI for Enterprise 2.0 projects consider both aims and resources Which facilities the understanding of all element  related to the project.

In Short, it clear that Enterprise 2.0 brings value for both company and employee that will improves the overall organization performance. As a result it is important that companies find the right tool to apply in order ensure that all parity are happy with implanting Enterprise 2.0 within the company. So, using ROI are essential for measure the technology’s success for businesses in terms of Soft and hard benefits

What are the Soft and hard benefits for implementing Enterprise 2.0 in Company?

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Reflection on the Capabilities & Limitations of BPMN

Business process modelling notation is standard for process modelling.BPMN offers notations to support both business and technical users in order to present complex process syntax. It also provides a mapping between notations and constructors. Practically, BPMN supports only the concepts of modelling which apply in the business process. In other words, other types of modelling such as Data models, functional breakdown models will be out of the scope for non-business purposes (Wikibedia, 2009). In this part, we will evaluate the capability and the limitations of the BPMN to reflect this case study.

When our team processed the model, we have found that BPMN does not support the specification of business rules.Therefore, we have used text annotation in order to come over this problem. According to Recker (2009) the users need of graphical support in business process language is important in order to help both identifying and specifying the interface between business rule and business process.

The team members have difficulty in understanding both a Pool and a Lane constructs. For example, we were unsure whether to use a Pool or a Lane for representing an organizational department. Practically, In SSP case we were unsure whether to use a Pool or a Lane for representing a SAP system (Recker et al., 2006).

BPMN represents the transformation in different constructors such as Activity Task, Collapsed Sub-Process, Expanded Sub-Process, Nested Sub-Process, and Transaction. In SSP case, there was confusion in whether to use Task or Message to represent sending message to stakeholders, whereas both express the same meaning (Recker et al., 2006).    Events can be represented in nine constructors, for example, Start Event, End Event, Message, Timer and Error. As a result, we struggled with the wide verity of the BPMN event symbols. As Recker (2009) suggests that “would be important for the BPMN designers to acknowledge this very selective usage of event types in practice”. Moreover, BPMN symbols in general do not reflect the actual meaning of what they used for. In addition, our team tried to engage ordinary people to reflect their understanding of our model but the majority of them had difficulties in understanding BPMN symbols.      In BPMN there are no symbols to represent the differences between the system and its components, as well as the articulation of process structure. In our case, we have found that it is difficult to clarify the different processes such as entering data, look up vendors in the system, parked the invoice in the system and change the status of the invoice from parked to validated. This is due to, as (Recker et al., 2006) have stated that, the inability to break down the system coherently, the understand ability of models captured with BPMN will be undermined”. So it was been suggested that a clearer representation graphics for process structure should be considered in the future revision of BPMN. (Recker et al., 2006),

In short, BPMN has become the standard for process modelling. It is a remarkable and expressive language even though it has some complexity.

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Legal Risk & Social Media Policy “Boeing”

Now a days, Social media be become important aspect in any organization. As a result, almost every organization has a social media policy today witch facilitate internal and external .Considering that online communication is not easy, ignoring social media policies become the greatest business risk for the organization in terms of using 2.0 tools .thus, organization are required to built strict policies which enable the company to faces huge potential risks including into low and legal aspect. However, Some of these organization have it will know approach while others do not know way there are in social media.

Boeing is American airspaces company located in Seattle it made up of multiple business units, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Boeing Defense, Space & Security Engineering, Operations & Technology, and Boeing Shared Services Group. Boeing Company used slow approach in implementing social media to ensure that the company will move safe and souned form close-door culture to one of the most open door global organization. Boeing uses various forms of social media including some of the most common such as FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Moreover, Boeing adds every week store on Twitter as an activity with aim of engage with people in order to enhance the reputation of the company. This is can be a helpful mouthed, but also it important to have guidelines that will protract the company strategies and rights.

As Boeing successes in increase both staff and costumer engagement, there are number of legal risk raises. Firstly, Boeing uses open social media which may affect the company Reputation. That can Accor form either costumer or employee by posting comment that changes the company name brined in the public point of view. Other risk aspect may be Information Security, Boeing company deal with wide number of deferent government and with military sector. As web 2.0 are open environment it would be difficult to secure all employee devises. Finally, Statutory Risk For examples, information about design or prototype can be giving to competitors  that can Accor the through discussions between employees or uploading copyright material however, there are several ways to limit risk such as Train employees in how to engage effectively , monitoring service and  have crisis management plan.

In short, using enterprise 2.0 Boeing impressed me in the way how they interact with people outside and inside the company. My question is considering Boeing successes do you think Boeing will continue growing their social media / policy?

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Enterprise 2.0 Benefits and Risk American Express Case Study

Enterprise 2.0 is rapidly growing causing major impact in business industry. Large companies start using social media to improve their business. American Express one of major origination realized that social media become priority for small business. As a result, “American Express OPEN decided to use social media in order to spur its own growth, but the growth of its small business customers.” The idea behind OPEN forum comes when business owner discover that their growth will depend in the ability of connecting with others to support their ides and experience.  The OPEN forum will be a tool that provide knowledge and resources to help small business owner improve their business.


As AE are looking for improvement, risk and benefits become their main concern while implanting Enterprise 2.0. So, best practices was used in order maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

As AE founded that there are number of benefits around using these tools. Firstly, Productivity and Efficiency which will play a part of improve team performance by facilitated communication and celebration resulting in easy access to information and increases Staff Engagement. Moreover, Knowledge consider as other benefits witch make search give most relavent information for each individual. Finally, Using 2.0 technologies help companies to advertise their products or learn about the company’s latest updates which help to create a leadership position and enhance the organization Reputation.

In spite of Enterprise 2.0 benefits, although with benefits there are also risks. Security is major risk when using online tools because it open system used by large number of people to exchange information. Moreover, Loose of Control is other risk aspect that are associated with security it means that difficulties in controlling the flow of information in the organization. Finally, posting false information in the company forum can affect the company Reputation and Reliability which may impact the overall company image.

As it is clear through AE case study, the uses of enterprise 2.0(OPEN Forum) bring up successful integration between ideas and priorities which deliver the best experience for the users putting in main both benefits and risk that may appear during or after implanting the project .

What is the best way or strategy that can be use to maximize benefits and minimize risks?

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Web 2.0!!!

Ten years ago no one dreams web will allow users to interact with data in way it happing right now. In 2004, new version of the World Wide Web called web 2.0 is appeared. As beginner of a web 2.0 user, I asked myself those questions what is web.2.0?  How web 2.0 is used? Why / how we use it?

The answer was: web2.0 is application allows users to interact and collaborate with each other. It used by both individuals and organizations to increase productivity. The key web 2.0 tools are well known and it used by a large number of people. This tool includes wikis, social networks, Twitter, blogs, rss, social media and tagging. Below are some different web 2.0 tools I used with their benefits.

Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets.”The thing I like about twitter   is I can know how people are thinking diffenty around the word. Also through my network I realize how people are experiencing things. Also, twitter is great pleas to open up new relationship and minting the existing ones by using twitter I can talk to more people which give the feeling of being smart and creative.

DropBox hugely popular service enables users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet. Online storage is preferable because it synchronized files and   it can be accessed from any PC also it facilitate file sharing and Distribution. So, using this service becomes a critical part of my daily process. For instance, I have not sent any files to myself again and I stop using USP. The fact that Dropbox is so easy to use and so flexible and that makes great change in my study habits, which increases my productivity

In short, as we can see web 2.0 change people life and enhances their thinking by letting user’s intracact with each other. I belief if we want to achieve the highest number of benefit  while using web 2.0 tools  we have to think about this benefit before we use any of these  tools in order to achieve what we want .

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