Posted by: Naif Sheshah | August 27, 2011

Enterprise 2.0 Benefits and Risk American Express Case Study

Enterprise 2.0 is rapidly growing causing major impact in business industry. Large companies start using social media to improve their business. American Express one of major origination realized that social media become priority for small business. As a result, “American Express OPEN decided to use social media in order to spur its own growth, but the growth of its small business customers.” The idea behind OPEN forum comes when business owner discover that their growth will depend in the ability of connecting with others to support their ides and experience.  The OPEN forum will be a tool that provide knowledge and resources to help small business owner improve their business.


As AE are looking for improvement, risk and benefits become their main concern while implanting Enterprise 2.0. So, best practices was used in order maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

As AE founded that there are number of benefits around using these tools. Firstly, Productivity and Efficiency which will play a part of improve team performance by facilitated communication and celebration resulting in easy access to information and increases Staff Engagement. Moreover, Knowledge consider as other benefits witch make search give most relavent information for each individual. Finally, Using 2.0 technologies help companies to advertise their products or learn about the company’s latest updates which help to create a leadership position and enhance the organization Reputation.

In spite of Enterprise 2.0 benefits, although with benefits there are also risks. Security is major risk when using online tools because it open system used by large number of people to exchange information. Moreover, Loose of Control is other risk aspect that are associated with security it means that difficulties in controlling the flow of information in the organization. Finally, posting false information in the company forum can affect the company Reputation and Reliability which may impact the overall company image.

As it is clear through AE case study, the uses of enterprise 2.0(OPEN Forum) bring up successful integration between ideas and priorities which deliver the best experience for the users putting in main both benefits and risk that may appear during or after implanting the project .

What is the best way or strategy that can be use to maximize benefits and minimize risks?


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