Posted by: Naif Sheshah | August 31, 2011

Legal Risk & Social Media Policy “Boeing”

Now a days, Social media be become important aspect in any organization. As a result, almost every organization has a social media policy today witch facilitate internal and external .Considering that online communication is not easy, ignoring social media policies become the greatest business risk for the organization in terms of using 2.0 tools .thus, organization are required to built strict policies which enable the company to faces huge potential risks including into low and legal aspect. However, Some of these organization have it will know approach while others do not know way there are in social media.

Boeing is American airspaces company located in Seattle it made up of multiple business units, which are Boeing Commercial Airplanes; Boeing Defense, Space & Security Engineering, Operations & Technology, and Boeing Shared Services Group. Boeing Company used slow approach in implementing social media to ensure that the company will move safe and souned form close-door culture to one of the most open door global organization. Boeing uses various forms of social media including some of the most common such as FaceBook, Twitter and YouTube. Moreover, Boeing adds every week store on Twitter as an activity with aim of engage with people in order to enhance the reputation of the company. This is can be a helpful mouthed, but also it important to have guidelines that will protract the company strategies and rights.

As Boeing successes in increase both staff and costumer engagement, there are number of legal risk raises. Firstly, Boeing uses open social media which may affect the company Reputation. That can Accor form either costumer or employee by posting comment that changes the company name brined in the public point of view. Other risk aspect may be Information Security, Boeing company deal with wide number of deferent government and with military sector. As web 2.0 are open environment it would be difficult to secure all employee devises. Finally, Statutory Risk For examples, information about design or prototype can be giving to competitors  that can Accor the through discussions between employees or uploading copyright material however, there are several ways to limit risk such as Train employees in how to engage effectively , monitoring service and  have crisis management plan.

In short, using enterprise 2.0 Boeing impressed me in the way how they interact with people outside and inside the company. My question is considering Boeing successes do you think Boeing will continue growing their social media / policy?



  1. In order to answer your question, I think Boeing will continue growing and developing their social media. The reason for that is social media is becoming essential element for business success.

  2. think you for your post 🙂

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