Posted by: Naif Sheshah | October 9, 2011

Microblogging/Blogging Strategies-Using Social Tools for Driving Traffic

In my previous post I explained how the uses of strategic social media tools will improve organization performance which will increase their Return on Investment (ROI). However, let move to fact that blogs are used to delver massages for people with same interests .moreover, it was founded that a lot of organization used social media to grow traffic and reduce their reliance on Search engine such as googol. So, without having suitable strategy for driving traffic there will be a little opportunity to engage with your audience. While implement those strategies it important to consider that methods are changing by time, aims and the size of the organization. Indeed, after deep analyses of the International Geological Congress position and reviews success stories of other companies we come with fact that using web 2.0 tool will help (IGC) to increase their ROI. In this post I will discuss a few tips in how can we uses how to set up a successful driving traffic strategy to driving traffic to your website.


1-       Create useful content

Make sure that your blog Contains relevant, useful, and portable information. So, your client will be able to get the information in easy way .on other hand, it would be helpful if you blog reflect some real experience in order to make interesting and unique Finally, it is important to try to spread you content putting it where audience expected to founded it.

2-      Post you work in social media website

Think of pleases that you client might go looking for information. Bolger’s are recommended to provide unique content or an introductory for each social media website. For example, the description in LinkedIn need to be different from facebook website because you targeting different kind of people this technique  will drive traffic and also provide you with useful external links.

3-      Measure your work

Use tools like Google Analytics and ad word to increase the possibility of finding your site which can be also a helpful mouthed of sending traffic to different web addresses. So, you audience will be visit different links and get the information from different scourers which increases your influence the on the internet word

4-      Monitor and develop your work

The best way is to start small, than keep monitoring and improving the work as it is time consuming activity. This consider as long term technique in traffic driven since it required upfront effort but owns it’s devolved it will be very effective mouthed


 With so much time being spent on Social Networking Sites using the above four strategies will benefit any organization form different denominations such as Marketing, Managing Reputations, Innovation and Recruitment. So, I would recommend the (IGC) to consider the quality of the blogs showing some expririty and authority of the topic. Also the blog need to address in attractive way and updated frequently.

In short, the choose of these strategies and tools are change by the time since the web2.0 is growing fact. So, it essential for business to consider resent innovation and used them. However, if the four above-mentioned strategies are applied when using the web 2.0 tools, they will drive traffic to you site.


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  1. Nice post; I like the measuring work strategy by using Google analysis. However, in the social media strategy I think IGC should use Facebook application as their major tool because most of the delegates are Young.

  2. Thinks muaath for coming over my post, I agree with your point but not only for the rezones you mentioned but also because Feacbook consider as largest social network with more the 800 Million active users . Also I believe that we need to let all tools work to tougher in order to get the maximum benefits.

  3. I love your diagram. Each point you raise is very important and useful. Especially the part about creating useful content. Great work

  4. Thinks kim for reading my post, I considers useful content one of must impotent element for successful blogging. This will also plays great role in advertising hens’ increases number of participant because of that it was in the top of my list.

  5. Microblogging has been very beneficial for IGC in enabling people to connect, share,and discuss
    Monitor and develop your work it takes long time however many organisations focus on this stratgy cause they need to increase the quality of the business

    Good naif

    • I totally agree that it take long time because any social mudei required upfront effort. However, the benefit that company gets is worth to work hard on it

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