Posted by: Naif Sheshah | October 10, 2011

Wiki strategy -Enhance Creativity and Innovation

My previous posts, explains that there are some factors contribute in choosing your strategy. Hence, also it explains the impotent of chosen the right strategy for the right project and how that can determine the success or the failure of an Enterprise 2.0.  On the other hand, this post will continue take about strategy but from different dimensions. Practically, the blog will focus on strategy for wiki implementation project – Enhance creativity and innovation

 In any organization there are opportunities for creativity and enhance. However, there are number of  factor that influences the opportunities of creativity. This factors may be the strategy itself or the Individuals. This strategy is used to integrate International Geological Congress ( IGC ) into wiki in order to provide for the user online  solution  and content in way that enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing.  Moreover, through wiki(IGC) will be able to Increase IUGS membership and   Increase visibility of the geological science. Not only that but also using wikis to knowledge management can significantly increase chances of project success which builds a lasting value in each member of a team.  To ensure that, there are some techniques need to be considered: Demand for solutions of specific problems: There are two strategies of gathering employee’s ideas. First, way is to encouraging them to send all their suggestions it best can explained as collect ideas. While second strategy is encourage employees to create ideas. It started with describing the problem, then exchanging ideas in order to inspire each other.

Proper rewarding: Setting rewards is very powerful creativity mythology. While applying the technique it is essential to know what really motivates the employees to work. This will increases the Knowledge management across the organization which will improve their Performance.

 Information and knowledge flow and Time: This is point can be consider as techniqueor benefit in the same time because exchanging information increasers the possibility of inspiring each other. This tool will help to exchanging ideas. As a result of that, time for doing the project will reduce which increase theIndividual Capabilities and improve his skills.

In spite of the above technique it suggested to set clear rules and responsibilities , do not start with emptily wiki , provide user guide and  understand the audient by doing this (IGC) will develop storing standards  which will support the originations strategic plan and increase the number of participants. In short, through wikis (IGC) will be able to meet there general objectives and cover all the creativity process as mouthed to enhance collaboration and increases knowledge sharing.  Finally, we can say that wiki facilities information flow, reduce time spend in project and provide Proper rewarding will create creative environment.

“Strategies and creativity is the key for to outstanding success”


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  1. through my reading i found that is very interesting post thanks and keep it up i like when you link success to strategies and creativity.

  2. Nice post Naif!!! Well covered wiki strategies. I think the idea of proper rewarding is great and its very powerful creativity method. However, in the case of the IGC it will be hard to manage this strategy. What do you think?

  3. Hi Naif, I think what you have mentioned about the techniques involving in strategy’s implementation are great. I agree with Muaath about the rewarding employees to encourage them to use wiki and to answer Muaath’s question, if you don’t mind 🙂 , IGC needs to set policies about rewarding, so that IGC do not see worthless contributions over wiki.

    Great post and great strategy. Keep up the good work mate.

  4. Thinks guys for coming over my post thanks Abdul for answer the question I real agree with both comment. it true that rewarding employees is difficult in term of web 2.0 tools but as Abdul said it is all about the company aims if there are willing to do that or not and if that meet the company aims . A good example is how the tutor in enterprise 2.0 unit gives student marks for how well they contribute in wiki.

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