Posted by: Naif Sheshah | October 12, 2011

Social Network Strategies- Communication and Customer Relationship

In my previous two posts, I was taking about Micro- blogging and Wiki Strategies and who that can be used by International Geological Congress. Today will continue to take about strategists but from different dimensionsIGC Social Network Srategy

Social networks are large social structures made up of large amounts individuals with multiple cultural context and interests.  An example of that is Facebook as it considers the largest Social networks environment with 800 million users.  As result, many of organization started to consider social networks as a solution. Practically, International Geological Congress (IGC ) considers different challenge that they may face while doing 34th International Geological Congress (34th IGC). This challenge can be different challenge such as a verity of participant backgrounds’ and ages. So, minting high quality communication is required in order to improve customer satisfaction. In the post, I will demonstrate Social Network strategy in terms of –Communication and CstomerRelationship- as the following:

Create a Reason and Objective For Using Social Networks.

It is important to establish your social networking goals and understand the reason behind it. This will help you to draw map for success. Also, it is essential to link the social media goals with your overall company goals. When you are doing this you need to be SMART! (Keep it Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic/Relevant, and Timely).

KeepThe CommunityInformed

Real time is one powerful advantages of using 2.0 tools. Using the kind of tools in (IGC ) will give them the ability of informing delegates and attendee immediately. This will help in building awareness among participants which by increases knowledge sharing will led to improve the customer service.

Understand Your Audiences and Get Them Involved.

Understand information you audiences want and where the expected to found the information will help you to understand target audience. For example, if you targeting people less than 35 years as (IGC ) you are required to uses social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, getting people involved will help you to provide real word experience and will give hint about thing that you need to improve

Make the Tools Working Together

Built social media network, by using deferent tools will help you to maximize number of percipients. However, you have to think to deliver the main idea in way the suite the social network approach. This Combination will give the user several ways to communicate with you witch increase the possibility joining your network

In short, business needs a strategy but the strategies are different for business to other. However, social media required collaborative work in order to reach success.Furthermoer; I view social media strategy as tactics so ICG need to thoughtful plan in order to improve Communication hens there company Performance.

Communication and Customer Relationship is two sides for one Coin


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  1. Great post,I really like your explanation. It helps more understand about the using social networks, but it’s better, if you provide some pictures or video.

  2. I think you’re definitely right saying a business needs to define their social networking goals. Also understanding the audience is important because it’s all about the audiences feedback. Good post

  3. Thanks for coming over, I agree kim it’s about human more than technology. I have pictures and I wish that will help you to gain butter understanding of social networks

  4. Good work mate…

    you explained perfectly. which helps to understand easily to everyone…


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