Posted by: Naif Sheshah | October 13, 2011

Social Tools Helped Conference Management

Nowadays, Social media become critical component of organization event. However, many conferences event fail in integrating social media. As the power social media is significantly increasing in tram encouraging participants share information, raising awareness, and enhancing the experience.  This post will provide advices on how to use 2.0 tools in managing the 34th International Geological Congress -34th IGC:

Connect Attendees 

It is an essential to have storing connection with other attendees before, during and after the event in order to Increase conference productivity and outcomes. This connection are need where it for business or making friends because it benefit in building aware community which at the end will Increase knowledge sharing.

Broaden Participation

Considering type of the event, target audiences and link it to appropriate social media will help in achieving the company’s goals. So, (IGC) is recommended to use number of social media tools in variety of media format in order to enhance fundability of the event and cover all Participation needs. Moreover, you can Increase Participants by post and linking the social media Pages with your conference by doing this you will drive traffic to you website hence number of participants will Increase.

Share Information

This can occurs by encouraging people to share what they think about event. This will provide real word experience for future participants and you will get great feedback in how can you improve your serives. So, it important for (IGC) to provide real time tools such Facebook to update participants frequently which will raising awareness among participants

Work Together

Take advantage of using number of social media tools by linking them together and addressing the event aims. This combination facilitates and encourages attendee participation. Hoverer, it not only about technology people also are required to work together in order to deliver the conference mission.

In short, Understanding your audience need and conference objectives are essential factors in creating social media platform or in engaging participants. However, nowadays social media become also other important element in managing conference and by using the above ftactic   your conference can become a global experience.


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  1. nice post. i agree with your 4 points

  2. Nice Post. All of those points are really important. The more you put in to using your 2.0 tools the more others will use them so you will get more out of them. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the comment , I agree the more work you do the more you will get , web 2.0 required upfront work and a way or method to keep improve the work in order to successful channel

  3. Enjoyable post. I agree with the point that you mentioned “Connect Attendees “. I can say that the audience probably will not search for the IGC, but the later should make effort to find out its audience. This way can get started to build relationships with them and then to extend that community.

  4. Nice post, I am very agree with last points, it is the most important I think.

  5. Good post mate…
    The points are really good..

    keep it up..

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